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Welcome to the Naz Student Health Portal! 


 On the Portal:


  • Schedule a first-time Counseling services appointment. Virtual appointments are available the same day and next day.
  • Send a secure message to Health Services Staff
  • Complete required health documentation for accepted students (see requirements below)
  • Read health education information
  • Indicate your preferred gender identity, name or pronoun 
  • View and print your immunization or PPD record


To schedule a medical appointment, please call the office at 585-389-2500




All current and new students (residential and commuter) must complete COVID-19 vaccination and provide documentation to this student health portal by July 31, 2021, with limited exemptions for medical or relgious reasons. If you would like to request and exemption form, please email us at and please state whether you are seeking a medical or religious exemption. We will send you the specific form by email, and ask that you send a completed form back to our office. Exemption decisions are determined, and the student will be notified, within 14 days of receipt of the exemption request form.


For more information, see COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement.


ALL NEW STUDENTS are REQUIRED to complete the following:


  • Health History: (including medications, illnesses, medical conditions, hospital visits, surgeries, etc). Please include any health information related to COVID-19.
  • Immunization dates: (you must manually enter dates AND upload and official immunization record)
  • Proof of Meningitis Vaccine: within the last five years, or signed Meningitis Vaccine Waiver
  • Health Insurance information: (Subscriber ID#, relationship to subscriber, and name and contact info of insurance company)


Deadlines for submission of health information are as follows:


  •   Students starting the Fall Semester: June 28th
  •   Students starting the Spring Semester: December 3rd
  •   Students starting Summer A&B: April 30th
  •   Summer Start, and HEOP/Young Scholars: July 10th


To Login: use your Naz UserName (that is your email without the, ie "jsmith7") and Password.


Experiencing problems? Please contact: Naz IT at (585)389-2111.